Belfrit Victor Batlajery


Hi, I'm Belfrit and here is my profile. Finish with my bachelor in Technic Informatic, I got a scholarship and it brought me to the Netherlands for continuing my Master Degree in Utrecht University in 2011. I studied Business Informatics in Utrecht University and graduated on August 2013.

In The Netherlands, I learned many things that broaden my experience and knowledge in IT-Business alignment. The technical knowledge that I've learned in my Bachelor degree (Technic Informatics) in combines with my Master degree in Business Informatics. This helps me see clearly how IT can benefit business.

These days I am a postgraduate student at the University of Southampton. My focus lays in Information Provenance, particularly in Food domain. The final aim of my research is how can we achieve due diligence in food safety given food provenance, risk model, and machine learning algorithm.

In my professional world, I had worked in various domains that shape not only my character, but also the way I interact with people. This fits with my interest as I like to do organizational activities that involve many people. I also experienced working within multicultural cultures on which I now strive to build my career

I am a frequent runner covering distances of 20Km or more. Besides doing running, I also play football for my physical activities. Finally, I am continuing my personal development as a public speaker. I hope this profile gives some idea of the kind of person I am.

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